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Hunting In The Long Grass

1 December 1987

1984, a clockwork orange, angst, arcadia, bach, ballet, barf, bartok, beethoven, biking, brave new world, cameras, can1, cats, cello, cheese, chopin, computers, cups, d&d, debussy, desks, draws, dvds, elliot, family guy, fight club, filling up interests, film, fire, fireplaces, flowers, foreign films, futurama, george orwell, gershwin, glass, green eyes, gustav holst, hair, hannon, highlighters, huxley, ib, imperialism, jostine gaarder, kubrick, love, lust, lyrics, magic realism, mark ryden, markets, marx, matrix, maya, melancholy, memento, metaphors, milton, mindless self indulgence, missy higgins, monty python, moonlight, movies, mozart, mp3s, muse, music, new wave, night, nine inch nails, ninjas, novels, old ink jars, op shops, opera, opinions, orchestra, orwell, oscar wilde, palahniuk, paris, peace rallies, philosophy, phone calls, photography, phycology, piano, picasso, pirates, poetry, pokémon hunting, politics, polyphonic spree, pulp fiction, rachmaninoff, radio head, rain, ranting, reading, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, retro, romeo and juliet, salvador dali, sarcasm, satie, scars, scriabin, sensuality, sheiks, snow skiing, sophie’s world, speakers, stanley kubrick, stationary, streets, surrealism, sylvia plath, tchaikovsky, the australian chamber orchestra, the bard, the real inspector hound, theatre, theology, tim buckley, tim burton, tom stoppard, trainspotting, typewriters, ultraviolet lights, velvet underground, vinyl records, waiting for godot, warm beds, warmth, watching the world, web design, wood, words, writing